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Social Work

Kiran Day Care Centre, Madivala
Started in 1972 in the medico social centre campus this centre offers care, nutrition and preschool education to 70-80 children daily from 8 am to 5pm. This enables the poor working mothers to earn their livelihood by going for work. This centre is contributing in a big way to the empowerment of many women from the city slums and construction sites.

Asha Deepa -  centre for mentally challenged girls
ASHA DEEPA centre offers care to mentally challenged girls, many of them rejected by their families. We too take day scholars in this centre.

St. Joseph’s Leprosy rehabilitation centre, Thimmarajapalam, Andhra Pradesh
Seventeen children of the leprosy patients are studying in different boarding Schools. Making and repairing of the foot wears of the patients, cutting, tailoring and crafts works are also being continued in order to help many young dropout school girls to find a means of earning for life. Cultivation of Paddy, vegetables, fruits, raring of animals, birds etc. contribute towards their welfare.

Rural Enterpreneurship Development Programme (REDP)
These are undertaken periodically by Holy Cross CRHP, Hanur, in collaboration with National agricultural Rural Development Bank. The women are trained and earn their livelihood by weaving units, bakery training, perfume stick making etc.

Dry Land development through water shed activities:
In two remote villages in Kollegal taluk this programme is implemented by Holy Cross CRHP, Hanur and the results are great by any standards. The farmers are enabled to conserve the soil, rain water and improve the vegetation. Ground water is replenished by this and crop yield improves remarkably and this is a proven way of sustainable development.

Teaching principles of sustainable agriculture to school children:
This is done in collaboration with the secular NGO (Joint Action for Tribal upliftment).

Forestation, Kitchen gardens:
Promoted by primary school students in rural areas under the guidance and motivation by Holy Cross sisters.

Square meter gardening:
To inculcate in the students love towards agriculture and learn the basic principles of it in childhood itself. This is undertaken by SATVIDYA.

Samyuktha  Hostel  For Working Women, Madivala
This hostel accommodates about 200 working women- both high  and low income groups.  The Holy Cross sisters take this as an opportunity to inculcate in the working women Gospel values.

MAITREYA - centre for Eco Justice & Eco spirituality: 
This  centre aims at  spreading awareness on ecological crisis and promote  eco-conservative actions and policies.  Also  helps people to learn from nature, to be close to nature, be healed Through nature walks and meditations, promote interreligious harmony etc.


The Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross lives the Franciscan spirituality. The spirit of the Congregation is the spirit of the Gospel which animated St. Francis of Assisi.


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Medico Social Centre
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