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Health Care

a) Institutional Health Care

In the spirit of our charism we try to promote life in the death and dehumanizing situations of the society today.   From our beginnings in India we have given importance to health care.

We promote life through hospitals,  health centres, hospices, community health programmes, community based care and support of HIV/AIDS victims, rehabilitation of leprosy patients, TB control programmes etc. 

Hospitals & Health Centres

  • Holy Cross Hospital Kamagere, Karnataka
    150 bed secondary care general hospital - a referral centre.
  • Holy Cross Hospital Chikmagalur, Karnataka
    150 bed secondary care general hospital - a referral centre.
  • Holy Cross Hospital Nidadavole, Andhra Pradesh
    50 bed general hospital.
  • Holy Cross Health Centre Belur, Karnataka 
    10 bed primary health care centre.
  • Holy Cross Health Centre - Marianagar, Karnataka
    Run by sister nurse. Provides primary health care to the villagers.
  • Holy Cross Health Centre, Buskull, Karnataka
    Run by sister nurse. Provides primary health care to the poor estate employees.
  • Shanti Avedna Hospice, Goa
    A centre which provides palliative care to the terminally ill cancer patients and enabling them to die with dignity and peace.
  • Karunya Care & Support Centre, Madhavaram, Andhra Pradesh
    This centre is a source of comfort and support to the HIV victims in a high prevalent area. The centre provides treatment and support to about 1000 outpatients including 90 children infected with HIV. This centre provides inpatient care to 20 women and children giving them home like environment and support.
  • TB Control programme (RNTCP)
    Both Holy Cross Hospitals in Kamagere & Chikmagalur actively participate in this national programme. Both are recognized as Diagnostic & Microscopic centres creating awareness in the public, educating them in control aspects, in early detection of the cases etc.  This programme is in collaboration with the Central Govt.
  • St. Joseph’s Leprosy rehabilitation centre, Thimmarajapalam, Andhra Pradesh
    Thirty five old patients residing in the campus are taken care of by giving them necessary medicinesand treatment. Regular check up by a Medical Officer gives them much relief from both physical and psychological ailments.

b) Non-institutional Health promotion programmes

* Holy Cross comprehensive rural health project, Hanur, Kollegal, Karnataka 
Started in 1997 with a vision to reach out to the poor and poorest in the remote villages of Kollegal taluk in an integrated approach to health, development and education. 

This project has made commendable contributions to improving the poor health status, decreasing infant mortality &  maternal mortality, eradicating bonded labour  and reducing  school dropout rates,  achieving socio economic development, improving natural resource management etc. 

* Health Action through Health Promoting Schools
A programme a well appreciated is bringing together the students, parents, teachers and villagers in one forum to improve the quality of Health, Education and Nutrition of the children and the villagers.

Only Government Primary schools are enrolled into this programme as the poor and poorest children attend the Govt. primary schools. The programme  aims at improving health of the villagers through children. It consists of child to child activities and child to adult activities.  


The Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross lives the Franciscan spirituality. The spirit of the Congregation is the spirit of the Gospel which animated St. Francis of Assisi.


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